About the Collection

scopio Cityzines collection is the publishing medium for the project CITYZINES | ESPAÇO F-FAUP - structured around an annual program designed to promote the publishing world of Portuguese alternative publications known as fanzines (zines) and linked to the theme of the city (city), i.e. focusing on the multifaceted richness of urban, architectural and visual culture that characterizes these urban areas and their life experiences.

The aim is to schedule events and exhibitions on FAUP, and to build a pioneering collection physicist on this type of publications that strategically punctuate our territory and that are, for the most part, often forgotten or known only by a very particular audience.

Even though Portuguese alternative publication are given special interest, the collection is open to authors and projects from other countries so that the range and diversity of its thematic universe - architecture, public space, urban culture, drawing, photography and film - is international and embracing.

The project CITYZINES | ESPAÇO F-FAUP will thus help to create a space for debate and critical commentary, as well as to encourage and promote the production and creation of Portuguese cityzines at a national and international levels.

The universe of interest of scopio editions is, generically, that of Architectue, Art and Image (AAI) and, specifically, that of Documental and Artistic Photography related with Architecture, City and Territory. SCOPIO Editions has a dynamic structure integrating periodical and non-periodical publications, with the aim of divulging the several works and authors who use or research the universe of Architecture, Art and Image, with special focus on Documentary and Artistic photography, related with Architecture, City and territory, in a critical, exploratory and innovative approach.