This book is the result of an International Competition about Photographic Narrative, focused on building critical and visual narratives on physical and conceptual configurations of city spaces - between urban and architecture. The 1st edition of this contest was entitled Guimarães: Olhares sobre a Capital Europeia da Cultura 2012 and its results reveal a number of projects where photographic image is explored and used in an exploratory as a way of communication about the richness and variety of the reality Guimarães' territory and city space. In this way, visual narratives were created which were able to communicate and structure the urban space through various imaginary, cultures, architecture and space appropriation modes. This edition, published by scopio Editorial Line, had as editors Pedro Leão Neto (coord.), Susana Ventura and Bruno Moreira.

Authors and Editors: Pedro Leão Neto (ed.), Susana Ventura, Bruno Moreira


About this collection

The scopio Contests collection is the printed support for disseminating the awarded works and authors coming from photography contests or other entries, which might not have been winning projects, but whose works are of recognized significance and quality.
The photography contests should be directed or linked to Documentary and Artistic Photography related to Architecture, City and Territory. This means, besides other things, photography projects focused on building critical visual narratives about the physical and conceptual configuration of city spaces - between urban and architecture - and of how people appropriated / accommodate / infringe on them in their life and work.
The collection is open to various contests and will be the main support for the dissemination of our two photography contests: scopio International Photography Contest and Cityscopio International Photobook Contest.
The aim is to disseminate diverse photographic projects coming from research work or analytical documentary and artistic projects that use photography as a research and inquiry tool. Photographic projects capable exploring in innovative ways the universe of Architecture when it is understood, in its broader sense, as a practice and discipline able to integrate the socio - economic, political, historical and technical domains.

The universe of interest of scopio editions is, generically, that of Architectue, Art and Image (AAI) and, specifically, that of Documental and Artistic Photography related with Architecture, City and Territory. SCOPIO Editions has a dynamic structure integrating periodical and non-periodical publications, with the aim of divulging the several works and authors who use or research the universe of Architecture, Art and Image, with special focus on Documentary and Artistic photography, related with Architecture, City and territory, in a critical, exploratory and innovative approach.