The scopio Magazine collection is the periodical annual publication focused on Documentary and Artistic Photography related to Architecture, City and Territory. The publication aims to disseminate diverse authors and works in the field of Documentary and Artistic Photography that somehow promote critical thinking on the role of images in understanding reality and constructing imaginary worlds, between document and fiction, between replication and manipulation, between analog and digital. This means, besides other things, understanding Architecture as a broad subject and practice interested in, on the one hand, the real space and its experiences, exploring new spatial forms and architectural codes and, on the other hand, in how architecture operates within larger systems: socio-cultural, technical, and historical systems. SCOPIO Magazine also attends to the involvement of diverse academic, cultural and social sectors in concepts and practices endowed with a power of innovation for the city, in its multiple facets, with special emphasis on those related that show a significant use of photography for the critical analysis of the territory.

The universe of interest of scopio editions is, generically, that of Architectue, Art and Image (AAI) and, specifically, that of Documental and Artistic Photography related with Architecture, City and Territory. SCOPIO Editions has a dynamic structure integrating periodical and non-periodical publications, with the aim of divulging the several works and authors who use or research the universe of Architecture, Art and Image, with special focus on Documentary and Artistic photography, related with Architecture, City and territory, in a critical, exploratory and innovative approach.


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