BEING AND BECOMING, author´s book


Being and Becoming, published in the Author´s Book collection, is a concept that comes from the philosophy which considers change in itself as a process and transition from one state to another. It refers to the transformation and changes the way of being, of happening and of being. Change is inevitable and an essential part of the world. "This book, published in the Projects collection, contains the photographic project by Virgílio Ferreira, who explores emigration, particularly from Portugal to Northern Europe. It tries to represent ideas of a hybrid identity and concepts of the Third Space, of Old and New, as well as the polarity of living between cultures, languages, landscapes and foreign borders. The author shows a series of photographs that are looks on a new partner and new social and geo-cultural context in the country and in Europe.

Authors and Editors: Pedro Leão Neto (ed.), Virgílio Ferreira, Tim Clark, Álvaro Domingues


About this collection

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