Paolo Rosselli interviews Italian photographers and artists


Passages: Martina Corà | Stefano Graziani  | Guido Guidi  | Allegra Martin  | Marco Menghi | Michele Nastasi  | Filippo Romano | Giovanna Silva | Delfino Sisto Legnani | Alessandra Spranzi | Cristiano Toraldo Di Francia

Paolo Rosselli, one of the leading exponents of landscape photography in Italy since the early 1980s, interviews 11 Italian photographers and artists on their work and strategies allowing us a deeper understanding of how each of these authors relates to the world and photography.

The interviews offer us a space for exploration and reflection about our time and the world of photography between document and art and they constitute an exceptional and rich account of eleven authors and their experiences and ideas about the world of photography in contemporary times. As Paolo Rosselli explains, “It is a look at the time in which we are living through photography as document or as art. But the accent is not on the generations or on influences of various kinds that have been worked out a posteriori. Martina Corà, Guido Guidi, Stefano Graziani, Allegra Martin, Marco Menghi, Michele Nastasi, Filippo Romano, Giovanna Silva, Delfino Sisto Legnani, Alessandra Spranzi and Cristiano Toraldo di Francia have agreed to talk about themselves and their work.

These interviews constitute an exceptional body of work that introduces to us eleven different personalities and how they position themselves as photographers and artists in the world today


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