Dark Tree

by Rea Papadopoulou



Along the banks of Kifissos river of Athens, there was once a great Olive Grove. The siting of the heavy industry in the area during the 19th century, put an end to this immense garden that was marveled by historians and travelers. Now only urban weeds & invasive trees are growing. The traces left of the past topography are covered by the dust and lost in the disturbing noise. During the daylight heavy trucks ply the roads emptying products in warehouses and factories. The darkness of the night though is transforming the place. The distant horizon disappears while the shadows of old and new green are emerging from the dirty roads of this unruly industrial landscape.

The olive grove was preserved intact until the 1880s, according to the map drawn by the German cartographer Johann Kaupert. Among the 170.000 trees of the time there was also mapped the first industrial building of the time, a tannery.

About the autor:

M. Arch/School of Architecture/Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Greek freelance photographer and architect working on a long term projects, covering environmental, social and urban issues. Born in Istanbul Turkey, lives and works in Athens.

website: www.reapapadopoulou.com


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