Someone was here

by  Vale & Calvete

The series "Alguém Esteve Aqui (Someone was here)" portraits the relationship between the Portuguese territory and its inhabitants. Despite the absence of human presence in the photographs, they are felt through gestures and specific intentions left in these places. These are records of a naive ability to organize a portion of the world that belongs to them. Therefore, indirectly, they are creating architecture, presenting others with their spatial honesty, without labeling any forms or methods. The captured photos seek to reveal these anonymous creations.


About the author
Ana Rita Vale (Guimarães, 1992) e André Calvete (Figueira da Foz,1991) are the duo of architects Vale & Calvete. Both hold a Master in Architecture in Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto since 2016. Co-founders and curators of the recent event "20x20: Ideias em Confronto (Ideas in Confrontation)" and assistants in other architectural activities. Since 2015, they have developed projects as a team, with some of their works being published in several printed and digital publications, in Portugal and overseas.





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Someone was here

by  Vale & Calvete

ANUÁRIA 2012-2013 | COMUNICAÇÃO, FOTOGRAFIA E MULTIMÉDIA [non periodical publication]

Documentary and Contemporary Photography: Architecture, City and Territory
About this book:

Anuária 2012-2013 | Comunicação, Fotografia e Multimédia

non-periodical publication