Interview conducted during the 4TH EDITION INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON THE SURFACE - FAUP | September 2016


Other interviewed authors: Anna Fox | Karen Knorr  | Marco Iuliano | Paolo Rosselli  | Mariela Apollonio |Pedro Bandeira | Ângela Ferreira | Carlos Lobo | José Pedro Cortes | Lara Jacinto | Mariela Apollonio | Olívia da Silva | Walter Costa


The interviews offer us a space for exploration and reflection about our time and the world of architecture and photography as document or art, and they constitute an exceptional and rich account of thirteen authors and their experiences and ideas. These authors have agreed to talk about themselves and their work.

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José Pedro Cortes. Born in 1976 in Porto, Portugal. He studied at Kent Institute of Art and Design (Master of Arts in Photography) in the UK. In 2015, after 3 years living in London, moved back to Lisbon and was part of Gulbenkian Creativity and Artistic Creation Program in Photography (Lisbon). On that same year had his first solo exhibitions in Centro Português de Fotografia ("I will not reveal you") and Silo ("Silence"), botj in Porto, Portugal. Cortes was selected for the Photo London - Emerging Artists Presentations and, in 2006, took part in the Getty Images curated exhibition New Photographers 2007. Other solo exhibitions include Museu da Imagem (Braga, 2006), Módulo - Centro Difusor de Arte (Lisboa, 2008, 2010), White Space Gallery (London, 2006), CAV - Centro de Artes Visuais (Coimbra, 2013), Robert Morat Galerie (Berlin, 2015). In 2015, as part of the exhibition EDIT: Sequence/Meaning, his body of work Costa was exhibited at CGAC - Centro Galego de Arte Contemporânea, in Santiago de Compostela.
This interview Clip was edited from the original interview conducted during the 4TH EDITION INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON THE SURFACE: PHOTOGRAPHY AND ARCHITECTURE, CROSSING BORDERS SHIFTING BOUNDARIES FAUP September 2016 
Pedro Leão Neto  (CCRE - CEAU – FAUP / scopio Editions)
Interviewer: Camilo Rebelo and Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro
Video and Editing of original interview: ESMAD/P.Porto
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Conversas Utópicas - Ana Aragão

Vertical reclamations of individual spaces



por Pedro Gadanho & Paolo Rosselli

ENTREVISTA: José Pedro Cortes

Entrevista realizadas durante a 4ª EDIÇÃO da CONFERÊNCIA INTERNACIONAL NA SUPERFÍCIE FAUP | Setembro de 2016

INTERVIEW: José Pedro Cortes

Interview conducted during the 4TH EDITION INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON THE SURFACE - FAUP | September 2016