Pedro Gadanho - Paolo Rosselli - A Talk on Architecture in Photography

25 de Maio, 15h00-18h00, Bienal de Arquitectura de Veneza – Books and talks on Architecture


This event - Books and Talks on Architecture - at the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale comprises the book launches of PEDRO GADANHO AND PAOLO ROSSELLI: A TALK ON ARCHITECTURE IN PHOTOGRAPHY [scopio Editions, 2018] and BUILDING VIEWS [Circo de Ideias, 2017] as well as conversations between authors and guest speakers.

The book launch and presentation of A TALK ON ARCHITECTURE IN PHOTOGRAPHY will be more of an informal conversation with the authors Paolo Rosselli (Photographer) and Pedro Gadanho (Curator) joined by Pedro Leão Neto (Editor of scopio Editions).

The presentation will have a video projection of the book contents, which will go along with the conversation and the session will last approximately 60 minutes.


Books and Talks on Architecture

•    Nuno Brandão Costa (Curator of Portuguese National Participation in the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale)
Round table discussion with:
•    Paolo Rosselli
•    Pedro Gadanho
•    Pedro Leão Neto (ed.)


Presentation of the book “BUILDING VIEWS” [Circo de Ideias, 2017]
Round table discussion with:
•    Ana Vaz Milheiro
•    Jorge Figueira
•    Nuno Grande
•    José Miguel Rodrigues
•    Nuno Brandão Costa
•    Carlos Machado e Moura (ed.)

Closure and drinks

This event is organized by Jofebar and PanoramAH!
with the support of DGArtes and Fondazione Ugo e Olga Levi onlus



Pedro Gadanho - Paolo Rosselli - A Talk on Architecture in Photography: Photographs by Paolo Rosselli is the first of the four publications focused on each of the Dueto/Duelo sessions that fostered a critical debate related to Architecture, Art and Image between architects and photographers, which took place in 2016 in Casa das Artes of Porto, Portugal.  Even though this book has as base the talk between Pedro Gadanho and Paolo Rosselli it amounts to much more than the rich exchange of ideas between these two authors.  In fact, this book foretells the significant and close collaboration between the authors, editors and designers, particularly the passionate work with Paolo Rosselli resulting in a judicious selection and juxtaposition of images and text, combined with thoughtful layout and design.

The curators of this event - Architecture, Art and Image (AAI) Conference series - Duelo / Dueto - were Camilo Rebelo and Pedro Leão Neto and the organization was the responsibility of scopio EDITIONS, CCRE research group from the R & D centre CEAU of U. Porto – Faculty of Architecture and Camilo Rebelo Arquitecto, with the support of Direcção Regional da Cultura do Norte (DRCN) and Casa das Artes (CA).

The making of this book was an inspiring experience that allowed to create a visual narrative where the sum is greater than the parts, which allows for an innovative reading and a more insightful understanding about the thoughts, work and artistic strategies of Rosselli photography.  With this book, the public will have a privileged insight over Rosselli´s photography work and how it relates to architecture and the city, as well as the author´s diverse artistic strategies and how as a photographer he grasps the world. In his own words “My view of the world is already a collage, it’s a sort of a “set”. I think about the “set”, I prepare it, and then I go around the city, and I try and propose to see the world in this way.” In fact, this “new perception” occurs when the photographer stops or suspends his analytical look and indulges in a wider and more tolerant perception of what exists around him: in that moment the gaze towards architecture becomes also a personal experience of a place. This is one of the sides of architectural photography; the side that is less focused on the the building as an architectural object and more open to suggestions and implications that a building establishes with the everyday life of a city.

On the other side, we understand better Gadanho´s ideas about Rosselli´s work and the relation between the world of architecture and photography. Emphasizing his interest in the work of Rosselli, Gadanho believes that the author´s Architecture Photography detaches itself from other more recurring and common approaches, offering us a deeper understanding of architecture and its space.   To conclude, it is worth referring that the specific potential of the physical book as a unique medium to communicate Architecture, Art and Image was explored in this publication, which adds to its uniqueness and makes it more an author´s book than the customary conference or roundtable publication. 

Pedro Leão Neto (Ed.)



Paolo Rosselli (1952) was introduced to photography by Ugo Mulas at the age of 20. After the degree in Architecture he begins a series of long journeys in India with Arturo Schwarz. During these long stays dedicated to the architecture of the Hindu temple, he begins assembling photographic profiles of Indian cities. Since then, his approach to architecture through photography evolves in other directions to contemporary architecture in Europe; towards masters of modern architecture as Giuseppe Terragni, and in the direction of the past, the Renaissance architecture in Italy. Beside this activity he has pursued specific researches on contemporary urban landscape and on the interiors of the home, seen as a place where people leave traces of their living. He was invited to the Venice Biennial in three editions: in 1993 he exhibited groups of works on signs and messages found in the cities; in 2004 he shows an exploration on the interior of the home; lastly, in 2006, he showed a group of images of contemporary cities as Mexico, Shanghai, L.A., Istanbul, London. Recently, with the book Sandwich digitale and Scena Mobile published in 2009 and 2012 by Quodlibet, he has started to write on photography and about the changes in the perception of the real world in the digital age. In all, he is author of around twenty books. Paolo Rosselli was teacher of photography at the Milan Polytechnic for a brief period. He lives and works in Milano.

Pedro Gadanho (1968) is an architect, curator and writer. He is the author of the blog Shrapnel Contemporary, where he shares his innovative views on cities and how they can beimproved. With a diverse career in contemporary culture – architecture, design, visual arts –, he has developed different activities, from architecture projects to exhibit commissioning, editing and his teaching activity at the Architecture Faculty of the University of Porto, where he taught from 2000 to 2003. He was the editor-in-chief of the BEYOND, Short-stories on the Post-Contemporary bookseries, for Sun Publishers in Amsterdam. He organized a round table at the Venice Architecture Biennial ’08, where he was also part of the Advisory Panel for the British Pavilion in the 2010 edition. He was a co-organizer of the 1st International Architecture and Fiction Conference,entitled Once Upon a Place. He published the book Arquitectura em Público, in 2011, with Dafne publishing house, on the media coverage of architecture, which earned him the FAD award, one of the most important architecture awards in the Iberian Peninsula, on the category of Thought and Criticism. As a curator, the exhibits he has organized include Space Invaders, for the London British Council, and Pancho Guedes, An Alternate Modernist, for the Swiss Museum ofArchitecture, in Basel, among many others. In 2012, Pedro Gadanho was appointed the Curator for Contemporary Architecture at the New York MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). He was involved in the YAP (Young Architects Program) project, a platform that seeks to discover new architects and develop new ideas, through installations in museums in New York, Rome, Istanbul and Santiago, Chile. After that valuable international experience, at one of the most prestigious museums in the world, the EDP Foundation invited him to manage the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, in Lisbon. Considering this challenge more exciting than the one he had in New York, Pedro Gadanho decided to return to his country and accept the position.

Camilo Rebelo (Porto 1972) has a Diploma in Architecture by the “Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto” (FAUP), 1996. He worked at Eduardo Souto Moura, from 1994 until 1998, and at Herzog & de Meuron, in 1998 and 1999. He is an Assistant Professor at FAUP since 1999. Own practice since 2000. Awarded author, namely with the first prize in the international competition for the Museum of Art and Archaeology of the “Vale do Côa”, in co-authorship with Tiago Pimentel, 2004– 2009; the honourable mention on the international competition for the Museum of Modern Art of Warsaw, in co-authorship with Susana Martins, 2007; third prize on the international competition for the Museum for the Electric Tram, in coauthorship with Tiago Pimentel. He was Invited Professor at the “École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne”, “Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura, Universidad de Navarra” (UNAV) and at “Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio, Università della Svizzera Italiana” (USI).

Pedro Leão Neto (Porto, 1962) has a degree in Architecture from the School of Architecture of the University of Porto - (FAUP, 1992), where he is currently the director and senior lecturer of Communication, Photography and Multimedia (CFM) and Computer Architecture Aided Design (CAAD). He is also coordinator of the research group CCRE integrated in FAUP’s I&D centre - CEAU - and of AAI 2 Lab integrated in U.Porto Media Innovation Labs (MIL) and Director of Cityscopio Cultural Association (ACC). He holds a Master degree in Urban Environment Planning and Design (FAUP, 1997) and a PhD in Planning and Landscape (University of Manchester, 2002). He is Editor and Coordinator of scopio Editions since 2010, which is focused on the subject of Documentary and Artistic Photography related with Architecture, City and Territory. He has curated several architectural photography exhibitions (The Thin Line, Encontros e Imagem, 2015) and has been leading diverse research projects related with Architecture, Art and Image (AAI) universe, as well as curating international seminars as International Conference On the Surface (2010 - 2016), which has already four editions and AAI Dueto / Duelo first edition 2015 - 2016.


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