REVIEW: PARTIR POR TODOS OS DIAS by José Maçãs de Carvalho

by Pedro Leão Neto


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
Marcel Proust

"Partir por todos os dias" by José Maçãs de Carvalho (JMC) is an artistic project in book that allows us to dive in a fascinating journey of multiple meanings and places. Within the photography universe and through a non-linear narrative, the author invites us to free ourselves from the instant of time and to explore with a new consciousness, and in a poetic way, the multifaceted richness of the contemporary world and of its multiple contradictions, places and cultures.

We can speak about journeys because the project reveals an escape of what is contingent in life, an “inner state” and a reason to see and understand the world through a second look. As the author explains: “(...) I went from one point to another in daily intervals: I am referring to the late 90’s. Others (for year 2000), where made when crossing Europe to Asia, as who returns to another house, without feeling strangeness.

A work that invites the reader to read and decipher the images and, with them, to make sense of what he is observing, to build a personal vision of the real and go beyond the simple recognition of circumstances. Therefore, it is a significant antidote in relation to contemporary image-saturated, mediated times, nourished through the various media and networks, which interact with the collective imaginary and where fashion, advertising, and products regulate the weight of artifacts and human behavior.



Exposição «Papel de Areia», da fotógrafa Katalin Déer

Pierrot le Fou inaugura com a exposição Papel de Areia de Katalin Deér.

A partir deste sábado, dia 14, e até 12 de maio, o protagonismo é de Katalin Déer na Estação de Metro do Campo 24 de Agosto,

Exposição 'Manuel Marques de Aguiar, 1927-2015: Construir lugares'

Visita Guiada pela arquitecta Marta Aguiar (curadora) - 20 Abril de 2018 às 14:30 - Museu de Serralves (Porto)


Por Carlos Casteleira

Exposição “Os Universalistas – 50 Anos de Arquitectura Portuguesa
A exposição “Os Universalistas – 50 Anos de Arquitectura Portuguesa” vai ter lugar no dia 13 de abril, sexta-feira, às 21h00, na Nave Expositiva da Casa da Arquitectura, em Matosinhos.
Prémio Fernando Távora Anúncio Vencedor 13ª edição/ Lançamento 14ª edição

Conferência “A Viagem” por Manuel Sobrinho Simões, Professor Emérito da Universidade do Porto

15 de Abril de 2018, quinta-feira, 22h00  Salão Nobre da Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos