by Michael Konrad

My name is Michael Konrad, born 1983. Taking pictures for several years. However, since 2010, I am doing it in a conscious and planned. From the outset interested in conceptual photography . The most important is the thought, photography became a way of their expression. I like when it is suggestive influences the imagination. It is then like mathematics, you have to think about her answer.
I started photographing analogue camera in my youth was not yet digital. Ever since I can remember, rarely I elicited finished film. However, some staff keeps in mind today, of course, is not triggered. I've always liked to play with memory, and so is my photograph.I am a self-portraitist. I like to move in a nostalgic atmosphere.

In October 2016, I graduated its first debut a series of "transition". In the new year came out my next series of "promised land".


“Promised Land”
A series of conceptual photography.

I had a dream, like a strange helplessness overwhelmed me. I felt heavy and tired. My legs like roots were rooted in the ground. Each step was hard after which grew tired. I stood there motionless, unmoved snow and cold. I watched the others go, and I was tied to the ground. I prayed to God. God told me to play music.

The cycle presents the difficult relationship of man to the place where the man lives. Photographs are my self-portrait. All I have done using a 20-second shutter release.


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